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Centennial Airport
Arapahoe County Public Airport Authority

"This letter is to let you know how pleased we are at Centennial Airport (KAPA) with the Density Altitude Displays (DAD) you sold us.

As you know, we purchased two units for our parallel north-south runways but because of the positive response from pilots, we acquired a solar-powered DAD for our crosswind runway as well. Although DADs are not federally funded, given the high altitude at our airport in metropolitan Denver (5883' MSL), staff thought it beneficial that the airport acquire a supplemental density alert system for pilots flying Centennial Airport.

Every year, Centennial Airport experiences a number of density altitude related incidents and accidents, most involving transient pilots not familiar with high altitude flying, especially during the warm summer months. While DADs do not prevent density altitude related incidents, our focus was to provide supplemental safety information, much in the way an ATIS message might alert a pilot to local conditions. In fact, ATIS messages during the summer often contain the advisory "check density altitude." Providing an exceptionally visible clue in the run-up areas to all our runways in addition to ATIS advisories surther enhances pilot safety. Our pilots are sufficiently pleased with the highly reliable read-outs, that our airport office and ATCT staff regularly receive positive comments from pilots about the new system.

With our first summer with operational DADs coming to a close, I can unequivocally tell you that they work and that pilots appreciate having a back up to their own calculations. More than one pilot has expressed surprise at the altitude read out registered on the bright LED display, thinking they were at a much lower altitude. The DADs have registered close to 10,000' MSL several times this past summer due to hot weather.

I have spoken to Benito De Leon at the FAA and I have encouraged the FAA to look into the benefits of the DADs as a supplemental aid to flight safety. The Density Altitude Displays are perfect for the Colorada plains as well as the Rockies, and having flown the Sierras and the high desserts of California, I can think of a lot more airports that would greatly benefit from this outstanding visual aid.

In the next couple of years we hope to compile comparative statistical data on the number of density altitude related incidents and accidents that have occured at KAPA before and after installation of the DADs, however, my instinct tells me that the three DAD systems currently operational at Centennial Airport have already saved lives and reduced accidents.

Again, thank you for introducing me to your product and for allowing us to test and evaluate them before completing the purchase. No one should be without a DAD!"

Respectfully Yours,

Robert P. Olislagers
Executive Director

FAA - Flight Standards District Office, Reno, Nevada

"On behalf of the Federal Aviation Administration and the Reno Flight Standards District Office, we are pleased to present to you the "FAA Flight Safety Award."

We wish to express our sincere appreciation for your time and effort in the promotion of general aviation and aviation safety. Your "Density Altitude Displays" at the South Lake Tahoe Airport this past summer have been instrumental in helping to reduce density altitude accidents. The general aviation community in this area of the country can be very pleased to have a company like yours to serve their aviation needs.

Once again, thank you for your support in the accident prevention program. If we may be of service to you in the future, please do not hesitate to call on us.


Carl F. Borchers, FAA Accident Prevention Specialist

South Lake Tahoe Airport, South Lake Tahoe, California:

"After two years on site, your DAD's have accomplished what written and verbal wordscould not do. As you are aware, NTSB records show approximately three-fourths of theaccidents in the Tahoe Basin over the past years had a density altitude factor. That averaged three accidents of four per year over the preceding twelve years. In the two years we have had DAD on the Airport, there has been NO density altitude accidents on the field and but a single accident in the mountains nearby which may prove to have a density altitude component. (That's where the pilot crash landed as the terrain rose faster than he could climb)."

"Stated another way, no one has been known to have lost their life due to density altitude for the past two years while operating at or from this airport. The record in past year's was dismal."

"Thank you for having the foresight and knowledge to build these machines. Please God, let us find a way to get more of them in service."


Richard D. French, Airport Manager (retired)

South Lake Tahoe Airport, South Lake Tahoe, California:

" ... in our eight summers of experience with DAD's mounted on the field, our Airport's safety record has improved greatly."

"Stop to realize - Since DAD's have been installed on the Airport, we have not experienced a single density altitude related fatal crash on the Airport - and I can only recall two incidents of density altitude caused crashes in the basin (Lake Tahoe). This contrasts with three or four density altitude accidents per year for at least the ten years preceding installation of your DAD's. To me, that equates to at least 25 aircraft that have been saved and, by extension, if only two were on board each aircraft, at least 50 people whose lives have continued quite normally."

"This result - with machines that simply seem to have no down time - is truly amazing...Congratulations!"


Richard D. French, Airport Manager (retired)

Columbia Airport, Columbia, California:

"On behalf of the County of Tuolumne, owner of the Columbia Airport, I would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks for your having created the Density Altitude Display (DAD) we use at the airport."

"I suddenly realized that the DAD has been in use for several years at Columbia Airport, with no operational problems whatsoever. It is rare that a mechanism is so problem free, and it immediately occurred to me that perhaps we had never said thank you for having invented such a wonderful instrument."

"I personally use the DAD prior to every take-off, and there has been more than one occasion in the two years that I have been here, in which I did not leave as a result of having access to the DAD's information. We have been shortsighted in not communicating to you, the many compliments and thanks we receive here at the Airports Department for having the DAD in place."

"There is no hesitation when I say that I am convinced that your invention has saved lives at Columbia Airport. If I may ever serve as a reference for the DAD, please do not hesitate to give my name. Thank you again!"


Mark Bautista, Airport Director (Tel: 209-533-5685)

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