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Aero Info, Inc. designs, manufactures and markets aviation / aerospace mechanical, engine-handling and electronic test equipment for commercial and military jet aircraft. We presently offer manufacturing capabilities for thousands of products applicable to 787, 777, 767, 757, 747, 737, 727, 717, 707, MD11, DC-10, MD90, MD80, DC-9, DC-8, Airbus*, Fokker*, British Aerospace* and numerous military aircraft including the KC-10, KDC-10, C9A and C9B.

Our capabilities include design and manufacture of avionic shop/bench test, in-flight test and line maintenance electronic/electro-mechanical test equipment both analog and digital. In addition, we also provide test, repair and re-calibration services for all of our products.

Current Projects and Activities
Aero Info is currently providing initial provisioning support as well as avionics shop test equipment for many airlines around the world. Our years of experience in manufacturing and design has resulted in hundreds of satisfied customers throughout the world.

Our military support covers a wide range of aircraft types as well as non-aircraft electronic manufacturing for the Air Force and other major military contractors.

If you have a requirement for testing other systems or products, give us a call. We can provide very innovative solutions for your test equipment needs. We have been doing this for years and look forward to working with all of our customers for many years to come.

Facilities & Personnel
Aero Info has capabilities and resources to perform most phases of design, manufacturing, assembly, test and calibration to insure the best possible quality, delivery, price, service and support.

Aero Info is an advocate of the Total Quality Management (TQM) philosophy and has tailored its manufacturing processes and procedures to comply with military and ISO-9001:2000 manufacturing and quality standards. Calibration Standards are to ANSI/NCSL-Z540-1-1994 Specifications and are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Aero Info was founded in 1970 and became incorporated in 1973. In 1973, we began manufacturing test equipment for customers worldwide. In addition to our "Build-to-Print" (customer supplied drawings) manufacturing, Aero Info has designed a number of innovative products that are used by the military, commercial airlines and the general aviation industry.

Aero Info, Inc. is located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Sonora, California. Sonora is approximately two and one-half hours drive east of San Francisco.

Aero Info, Inc.
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ATTN: Aero Info Has Recently Been Aquired by Quality Aircraft Tooling Inc.