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AERO INFO, INC. P/N 31-MUL-1143 Picture shows simulator removed from housing

APPLICATION: DC-10 / 747 / A300 (Any aircraft with Pratt & Whitney JT9D or General Electric CF6 engines)

REASON: This simulator provides a method to check operation of the tachometer system without leaving the gate & running the engines, thereby saving time, labor and fuel. The cost savings exceeds the purchase price the first time this product is used!

JT9D/CF6 N1 Single Speed Simulator

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DESCRIPTION: This simulator is a battery powered (4 size AA) crystal controlled oscillator which radiates a frequency correlating to a discrete tach reading (percent power). A pushbutton turns the unit on and an LED indicates that the signal is present. The instrument is housed in a cylindrical aluminum case 2 1/4" Diameter x 5 3/4" Long. Weight is 12 ounces. A fitted hardwood storage case is included. Also, a two conductor cable terminated with a phone jack for direct coupling to aircraft system for troubleshooting purposes.

OPERATION: The instrument is handheld within a distance of 24 inches of the N1 transducer located in the engine cowling. Then the pushbutton is depressed which causes the signal to be radiated to the transducer and the tach in the cockpit is checked to verify the proper reading. Also, a small cable assembly is provided to bypass the transducer if desired for troubleshooting purposes.

ATTN: Aero Info Has Recently Been Aquired by Quality Aircraft Tooling Inc.